Welcome To Vikas Institute Of Engineering & Technology | Admission Open 2021-22
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Our Engineering Institute is a natural corollary to our forays and commitment to academics. Education for us is like religion to a head priest in a place of worship. We aspire to blend our understanding of the ever – changing technologies continuously and sincerely upgrading our academic curriculum that would give our students unique advantage. It will give them a sense of belongingness and inspiration to innovate-which is the basic trait of scientific temper.

If you are wondering why I have used the word “innovate”, then let me explain. We believe that a student of technology must have open mind for experimentation. That is exactly where VIET – a dedicated technology Institute comes in. We are an organization / Institute with a mission to remain committed and be transparent to all. We believe in action , not in the jargons.

We, at VIET, believe in doing the right things at the right time for the right goals.I wish you all a great learning experience and a bright future.