Welcome To Vikas Institute Of Engineering & Technology | Admission Open 2021-22
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Theory exams – COE will deal with all the matters related to theory & practical examinations. Registrar office will ensure the uploading of internal marks to be sent to B.T.E. HODs will give full support to COE to conduct theory exams.

Every faculty and staff is to be assigned duties during the examinations.

No leave will be granted to any faculty or staff during the examination period whatever may be the reason. Action will be taken if any person is found absent during examination period.

Conference room will be under the charge of examination section during the examination period.

Lab exams – HODs will conduct the lab exams (internal and board) and will communicate to COE regarding all matters related to lab examinations (internal and board).

Academics result analysis: All Departments will prepare result analysis after every exam and submit to COE.

Student throughout marks record: COE will take a copy of marks (internal and board) of students throughout the course from respective departments and keep record of it.

Attendance Eligibility and Admit Card – COE will display the sessional eligibility just before the start of the Sessional/Half yearly exams . Admit card for sessional/Half yearly exams will be collected by every department from COE office and distributed amongst students . COE will hold back the Admit Card of ineligible students.

Er. Vivek Patel (C.O.E)

Er. Abhimanyu Yadav (A.C.O.E)