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Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering branches and hence, one of the most preferred one by the engineering aspirants.

The branch applies the principles of engineering, physics and material science for the design,analysis,manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.This branch of engineering involves design,production and operation of machinery.


Mechanical Engineering is known as the evergreen branch among all the other branches of engineering.

Traditionally, mechanical engineers have to deal with concepts such as mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics with their applications in automotive sector, power sector, refrigeration and air conditioning sector, aerospace.

Course Department Admission
Diploma Mechanical engineering (production) A-Group- 60 seats
K-Group- 06 seats

About Us – The department of Mechanical engineering (production) came into existence in the year 2012, the year of inception of the college. It is a major and pioneer department of the college, imparting instructions leading to the DIPLOMA DEGREE in Mechanical Engineering (production). Since its inception the department has actively participated in teaching, training, design, development and extension activities. The department has brought out diplomats who have ruled in every field; they have gone to and have brought awards to the college. This extra ordinary success has been achieved due to the highly qualified and dedicated faculty and technicians and also to the syllabus and the facilities in the department. The courses are punctilious designed for basic concepts and keep the students in tune with the latest developments and advances in the mechanical engineering. The students attaining diploma from this department have just the factor to set the industrial, managerial, administrative world alight with their achievements.


1st YEAR 2nd YEAR 3rd YEAR
1- Basic mechanical & civil engineering lab 3- Fluid Machinery Lab 6- Mechanical measurement & metrology lab
2- Applied mechanics lab 4- Thermal engineering lab 7- Mechanical workshop
- 5- Mechanics of solid lab (a) Machine shop
- - (b).Sheet metal shop
- - (c) Fitting shop
- - (d) Carpentry shop
- - (e) Black smithy shop
- - (f) Welding shop
- - (g) Foundry shop
- - (h) Painting shop


To become a Department of Higher Learning, technical education, Innovation in Mechanical Engineering & to become best institute in technical education.


  • To provide quality education to the students in order to make them globally competitive Mechanical Engineers.
  • To enhance the skills of students using modern engineering tools and experimental techniques to solve real life mechanical engineering problems.
  • To make them work in groups with high level of social, environmental and professional ethics with the self learning attitude.
  • To establish linkages with the Industries, R&D organizations and Educational institutions in India for excellence in teaching, research and innovation.



  • PEO-1: To groom students in the area of mechanical engineering for successful careers in industries, government & non government organizations through state of the art education.
  • PEO-2: To provide students with a sound foundation in science and engineering fundamentals necessary to develop, psychoanalyze and solve mechanical engineering problems.
  • PEO-3: To develop ability in the field of thermal engineering, manufacturing, machine design and industrial engineering so as to design and create novel products for society to solve real life problems.
  • PEO-4: To infuse students professional attitude, effective communication & teamwork skills and ability to apply their engineering knowledge in their social life.


  • PO-1: Apply fundamental knowledge (mathematics, science and mechanical engineering) to solve real life problems.
  • PO-2: Ability to design a system, component or process by applying the knowledge of Machine Design, Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing to meet desired needs.
  • PO-3: Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and deduction of information to reach out to solutions.
  • PO-4: Function effectively as member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings.
  • PO-5: Ability to apply engineering fundamentals to design mechanical systems, thermal systems and manufacturing processes that leads to efficient production.